Illustrated books

Since we began, we have excelled in editing illustrated books. These large format books, often incorporating a great volume of text, are abundantly illustrated and therefore involve complex layout design. In this field we provide:

  • Translation of technical topics into easy-to-understand and attractive language for the general public.
  • Technical revision carried out by specialists in the appropriate field and with the collaboration of qualified consultants.
  • Finely detailed layout design.


deleatur - illustrated books - art


deleatur - illustrated books - history

Animal life

deleatur - illustrated books - Animal life


deleatur - illustrated books - Atlas


At Deleatur we have always been at the cutting edge of new technology. This has allowed us to take on projects in an ever-changing environment: from small projects in xhtml, to the translation and management of databases in mysql and xml.


deleatur - internet and multimedia - netdoctor


deleatur - internet and multimedia - e.explora

DVD: The human body and the human brain

deleatur - internet and multimedia - dvd: the human body


Strict accuracy is essential when editing medical texts. Over the last three years, we have edited more than one hundred titles in the area of medicine, an achievement that emphasizes the typical quality of work and efficiency of deleatur in this field:

  • Tight editing and production timelines.
  • Translators, consultants and specialized editors in the medical field.
  • Layout of large volumes of work.

Pocket medicine

deleatur - medicine - pocket medicine

Current medicine

deleatur - medicine - current medicine

First aid manual

deleatur - medicine - first aid manual

Children's books and school books

Editing children’s books is a particularly difficult task especially when trying to choose easy-to-understand language. The amount of editorial work necessary is even greater for the publication of school books.


deleatur - children's books - posters

Exercise books

deleatur - children's books - exercise books

School books

deleatur - children's books - school books


deleatur - children's books - egyptorium

General interest

Books aimed at a wider audience are stylistically and editorially very labour intensive since the commercial success of the work can largely depend on correctly designing and organising their contents. deleatur responds to this challenge by offering:

  • Maximum attention to style through creativity.
  • Linguistic correction.
  • Clarity in presentation without diminishing rigor.
  • Service and ability to capture the interest of the non-specialized reader.
  • Contents adaptation and updating.

Obama, Inc.

deleatur - general interest - obama, inc


deleatur - general interest - darwin

Real City Guides

deleatur - general interest - real city guides

Social Studies Collection

deleatur - general interest - social studies collection


We offer integrated production services for catalogues and other diverse promotional material, from design and layout to printing, including the writing of content and photography. We can provide:

  • Attractive and elegant design.
  • High quality interior and exterior photographs.
  • The capacity to meet tight deadlines.

Taller d'en Pich

deleatur - commercial - taller d'en pich


deleatur - commercial - henkel

Club Razz

deleatur - commercial - club_razz